About our company

Sawn timber has been produced at Vara for over 100 years. Vara Saeveski OÜ has been operating at Vara since 2000.
Our main activity is producing sawn timber from softwood logs which is used in construction, furniture production and timber manufacturing in Estonia and elsewhere.

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We collaborate with partners who ensure legal sources and sustainable forestry.
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Areas of activity

Wholsesale of sawn timber

We produce Nordic quality softwood sawn timber from small diameter logs. The minimum order is one truck load. The sawn timber produced at Vara Saeveski is sorted according to the Nordic quality standards and divided into the following classes:
SF,PF (SF+VI), VI and VII.
The most common cross sections we produce can be found here

Log purchase

We purchase fresh pine and spruce sawn logs.
Minimum amount: one truck load.
Diameter: from 8.0 cm under the bark. Timber length: from 36-54 dm (30 cm step, necessary oversize length 7 cm).
The logs are measured and their quality is assessed based on the Estonian volume formula for round timber.
Measuring is per segment. The electronic measuring line uses Visiometric 3D technology with two laser circles. 

We accept logs 24 hours a day, every day of the year.



 Vara Saeveski OÜ
Vara village
Peipsiääre municipality
60426 Tartu County
+372 731 5843
Reg.no 10533890

Office hours 8:00-16:30 Monday-Friday

Latitude 58° 31' 33.48"
Longitude 26° 52' 10.18"
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Sales/wholesale of sawn timber

Maarja Joosepson
Sales Manager
+372 5887 2386

Hendrik Sei
Sales Manager
+372 5354 9523

retail sale

Ain Tilgar
Planing Specialist
+372 528 4690

Purchase/log purchase

Aivo Vahtra
Purchasing Manager

+372 506 8576

Oliver Hannus
Purchasing  Specialist
+372 5780 7688

Production and management

Andres Sütt
Technical Manager
+372 5333 5890

Renat Krehhov
Production Manager
+372 5883 9232

Anneli Kaseorg
Chief Accountant

Tiit Nilson
Chairman of the Board 

Andres Hummal
Manager/Member of the Board

Woodwell Grupp

Timber purchase
We purchase cutting rights of growing forests and forest land

Production of sawn timber
Sale of sawn timber 

Growing field crops 
 Sale of field crops
Pig farming